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    For Sale: Ricoma SWD-1501 Embroidery Machine

    Model: Ricoma SWD-1501 Heads: 1 Needles: 15 Maximum Speed: 1000 stitches per minute Memory Capacity: 20 million stitches or 200 designs Hoop Area: 800mm x 500mm Features:

    • High-definition true-color 8″ LCD touchscreen
    • Multiple design formats supported
    • Frame offset and frame outlining available
    • Multiple languages supported
    • Networkable and Wi-Fi capable
    • Ergonomic touch screen
    • Preset hoop parameters
    • Automatic color change
    • Built-in 172 degree and 196 degree keys
    • One-step tracing button
    • Optional camera positioning device
    • Built-in factory mode
    • 3D design view
    • Machine parameters can be exported and imported
    • New needle path key
    • 3D design view
    • Built-in screenshots function
    • Built-in file management system
    • Cap embroidery system
    • Mighty Hoop
    • SWD Extended Table

    Condition: The machine is in excellent condition and has been well-maintained. It has been used for light-duty embroidery and has never been used for commercial purposes.

    Price: $12,000

    Shipping: Free shipping within the continental United States.

    Contact: Please contact me for more information or to schedule a viewing.

    Why you should buy this machine: The Ricoma SWD-1501 is a high-quality embroidery machine that is perfect for businesses that need to increase their productivity. It is capable of embroidering a wide range of products, including caps, flats, bags, and more. The machine is also easy to use and has a large memory capacity.

    The SWD-1501 is also the perfect machine for businesses that need to embroider large items. The machine’s large embroidery area allows you to embroider items up to 800mm x 500mm. This makes it the perfect machine for embroidering items such as tablecloths, jackets, and banners.

    If you are looking for a high-quality embroidery machine that can help you take your business to the next level, then the Ricoma SWD-1501 is the perfect choice for you.


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